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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Creative Mamas is Aucitoning a Spotted Box

For the month of March, Creative Mamas Congo will be featured in The Spotted Box. To celebrate, we've decided to give our customers a chance at it. So, this week our Spotted Box is up for auction. The auction end on the 14th. If you've tried before to get one, but they've sold out before you had the chance, now is your opportunity. You can check out to see what store are featured this month. The box contains around 25 samples from various businesses for the customer to try out and enjoy. It gives you a nice idea of what is out there, without having to make a big purchase from the store itself. Some of the items from Creative Mamas that will be in the boxes are: tissue/hankerchief holder, wipes, keychains, pail powder, parfait lotion. The contents of each box are random, so you never know what will be in there!

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