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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Only two days left

There are only two days left to get your idea in for the slogan contest. As you can see from the previous post, people are coming up with some really great ideas. The contest will close on the 27th and then the members of the congo will narrow down the selection on vote for the best slogan. Be sure to check into the Congo on the 2nd of January to see who the winner is. If you entered, it just might be you!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Current Entries for the Slogan Contest

Here are the entries for the Creative Mamas slogan contest.

The first set came from the mamas on Diaperswappers:

Littlekahootz: Creative Mamas: Where Creativity Begins

Twocompany: Creative Mamas for Creative Families
Creative Mamas Creative Families
Creative Mamas . . . Be Creative From the Start
Creative Mamas Originiality at its Best

enimarleigh: Creatively Creating Creative Things

clb: Creative Mamas Congo: For Items as Unique as You

Lisa Rachelle: Creative Mamas Congo: Where imagination and practicality fuse.
Creative Mamas Congo: Imagination with style.
Creative Mamas Congo: fashion and function collide
Creative Mamas Congo: Imagine the possibilities
Creative Mamas Congo: For babies and beyond
Creative Mamas Congo: One stop shop for heart and home

ZooMamaTo2: Creative Mamas Congo Congo: Where the Green Stash Grows

snappysarah: Love Life: Creative Mamas Congo
Original, Inventive, Simple: Creative Mamas Congo
Designed, Hancrafted Special: Creative Mamas Congo
Handcrafted, Designed, Unique: Creative Mamas Congo
Those in the know: Creative Mamas Congo
Creative Mamas Congo, Naturally
Creative Mamas Congo: Create, Craft, Sew
Creative Mamas Congo: Nurturing your creative side

theprettyredhead: Creative Mamas Congo" Encouraging Creativity From Birth
Creative Mamas Congo: Letting Your Little Ones Shine
Creative Mamas Congo: Planiting the Seeds of Creativity
Creative Mamas Congo: As unique as you are
Creative Mamas Congo: Definition- Artistry
Creative Mamas Congo: Cleverness, imaginiation, inspiration, originality

Lilliesmama2004: Creative Mamas Congo. . . Come see what we have created for you.

Jessica0224: Creative Mamas Congo: Our art for you family
Creative Mamas Congo: where art, fun, and function meet
Creative Mamas Congo: treats for every age and stage
Creative Mamas Congo: Made by mamas with love
Creative Mamas Congo, treasures for your home and family
Creative Mamas Congo: fun and function for your home and family

Cupcakesmom: Creative Mamas Congo: Nurturing Creativity

litlckrets: Creative Mamas Congo: Lovingly made items as sweet and unique as your little one

mama-heather: Creative Mamas Congo "Swinging from creative minds to nurturing hearts everyday"
Creative Mamas Congo: Deep in the hearts of mother's creativity runs wild.
Creative Mamas Congo: Deeply imaginitive minds, creating one lush thing at a time.
Creative Mamas Congo: Where imagination and passion for creativity run wild.

cookiebonster: unique, sweet, simply fun, creative mamas for everyone.
wool, beads, stitchmarkers too, creative mamas got something for you.

Jayden*N*BrettsMama: Creative Mamas Congo: Creating a Greener family
Creating a greener earth tomorrow for today.
Creating a greener family tomorrow today.

widerangebooks: Unique. Heartfelt. Handmade
Unique Heartfelt Handmade
From our hands to your home.
Handmade gifts from our home to yours.
Home made gifts from our hands to yours.

Amyruth: Creative Mamas Congo- Creating a better future
Creative Mamas Congo: Creating a better tomorrow.

This set came from the mamas on Hyena Cart:

Thecandlebug: Natural Creative Collections for the whole family

Camdensmom: Where creativity flows naturally
Where creativity comes naturally

JBTreasures: Because Mama creates best

Burnsis: . . .because creativity begins with mama

munoz0908: Love. Nurture. Create

jbpoetmom: The Motherlode of Creative Handcrafted Creations

KWooten2: You One-Stop Eclectic Shop
Inspiration on Overdose

lydsay: A Hosh Posh of Necessities

Friday, December 12, 2008

Creative Mamas Slogan Contest!!!!

Every great store needs a slogan, something that sticks in your mindwhile describing the products that are sold. So in order to come upwith the best slogan possible, we are looking to the customers ofCreative Mamas.

Starting Friday December 12, take a look at ourcongo, and post your idea for a slogan here by the 27th ofDecember. On the 2nd of January the new slogan will premier on the congo's website and the lucky winner will get a prize package as a thank you for their creative idea. You can find out more about the prizes here, as well as on the congo's yahoo group, and also check out any specials, and stocking dates we have coming up. We stocking today at noon, so you will be able to see some of the things we are offering, as well as the new vendors we have on board. Now, don't forget, post here with you slogan idea for the Creative Mamas Congo!

Some of the items that will be up for grabs in the prize pack are (pictures to come soon):

You Pick Size Diaper cover with an outer cover of green with white polka dots
A Hold-It Bag

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome to the Creative Mamas Blog!

Creative Mamas are a group of talented ladies who make beautiful, handcrafted items. We sell our wares every other Friday at noon on Hyena Cart:

Creative Mamas Congo

Thank you for visiting our Blog! Check back often for special announcements, stocking news, and free lotteries.
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